Name: Generalov, Vasilii Denisovich
Variants and Aliases: Denisych
DoB (OS): 08/03/1867
Dob (NS): 20/03/1867
Place of Birth: Potemkin village, Don Cossack Host province
Background: Don Cossack family
Occupation: student
Membership of revolutionary groups: People’s Will, terrorist faction
Arrested: 1 March 1887
Trial: Trial of 1 March (1887)
Sentence: Death sentence
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 05/05/1887
Date of transfer (NS): 17/05/1887
Date of death (OS): 08/05/1887
Date of death (NS): 20/05/1887
Place of death: Shlissel’burg Fortress
Cause of death: Execution