Name: Waryński, Ludwik Tadeusz
Variants and Aliases: Liudvig-Faddei Severinovich Varynskii
DoB (OS): 24/09/1856
Dob (NS): 06/10/1856
Place of Birth: Martynówka (Poland)
Background: wealthy family
Occupation: student, labourer
Membership of revolutionary groups: Equality (Ravenstvo); Proletariat Party
Arrested: 1883
Trial: 1885
Sentence: 16 years’ hard labour
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 28/02/1886
Date of transfer (NS): 12/03/1886
Date of death (OS): 18/02/1889
Date of death (NS): 02/03/1889
Place of death: Shlissel’burg Fortress
Cause of death: tuberculosis