Name: Figner, Vera Nikolaevna
DoB (OS): 24/06/1852
Dob (NS): 06/07/1852
Place of Birth: Kazan’ Governate
Background: nobility
Occupation: medical student, paramedic
Membership of revolutionary groups: Executive Committee, People’s Will
Arrested: 1883
Trial: Trial of the 14 (1884)
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 12/10/1884
Date of transfer (NS): 24/10/1884
Date of release from Shlissel’burg (OS): 29/09/1904
Date of release (NS): 12/10/1904
Transferred to: Arkhangel’sk Province (exile)
Activity after release: activist, member of Socialist Revolutionaries to 1909; Society for Former Political Prisoners and Exiles
Date of death: 15/06/1942
Place of death: Moscow

Writings: Zapechatlennyi trud (Memoirs of a Revolutionist, 1922) vol 1 | vol 2

Depicted in: Novorusskii, Tiuremnye Robinzony