Name: Iurkovskii, Fedor Nikolaevich
Variants and Aliases: Sashka-Inzhener
DoB (OS): 1851
Place of Birth: Mykolaiv (Ukraine)
Background: military family
Occupation: student
Arrested: 1880
Sentence: 20 years’ hard labour, extra 10 year sentence added for escape attempt
Incarceration prior to Shlissel’burg: Kara Hard Labour
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 04/08/1884
Date of transfer (NS): 16/08/1884
Date of death (OS): 30/08/1896
Date of death (NS): 11/09/1896
Place of death: Shlissel’burg Fortress
Cause of death: kidney disease

Writings: Bulgakov (unfinished novel)

Depicted in: I. P. Youvatshev, The Russian Bastille, chapters XIV-XVI