Ivanov, Sergei

Name: Ivanov, Sergei Andreevich
Variants and Aliases: Danilov, Vasilii Alekseevich
DoB (OS): 07/08/1858
Dob (NS): 19/08/1858
Place of Birth: Yaroslavl’ Governate
Background: nobility
Occupation: medical student
Membership of revolutionary groups: People’s Will; Southern organization of People’s Will
Arrested: 1886
Sentence: Death sentence, commuted to lifelong hard labour
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 23/06/1887
Date of transfer (NS): 05/07/1887
Date of release from Shlissel’burg (OS): 28/10/1905
Date of release (NS): 10/11/1905
Transferred to: freed
Activity after release: revolutionary activist; charitable work
Date of death: 27/02/1927
Place of death: Paris

Writings: Iz narodnovol’cheskikh vospominanii S. A. Ivanova (1929); memoirs of Figner and Volkenshtein (1907)