Name: Morozov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich
Variants and Aliases: Vorobei
DoB (OS): 25/06/1854
Dob (NS): 07/07/1854
Place of Birth: Borok, Yaroslavl’ Governate
Background: nobility
Occupation: revolutionary
Membership of revolutionary groups: Chaikovskii Circle; Land and Liberty; People’s Will, Executive Committee
Arrested: 1878, 1881
Trials: Trial of the 193 (1878), Trial of the 20 (1882)
Sentences: 1878 time served; 1882 life imprisonment
Incarceration prior to Shlissel’burg: Peter and Paul Fortress (St Petersburg)
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 02/08/1884
Date of transfer (NS): 14/08/1884
Date of release from Shlissel’burg (OS): 28/10/1905
Date of release (NS): 10/11/1905
Transferred to: freed
Activity after release: Physics and Chemistry lecturer, scientist, astronomer
Date of death (NS): 30/07/1946
Place of death: Borok, Yaroslavl’ Governate

Writings: Revelation in Storm and Thunder; Povesti moiei zhini (Stories of My Life); memoir of Aizik Aronchik; Iz steni nevoli (poetry)

Depicted in: Ashenbrenner, ‘Two decades in Shlissel’burg Prison’; Pankratov, Life in Shlissel’burg Fortress; Novorusskii, Tiuremnye Robinzony