Name: Polivanov, Petr Sergeevich
DoB: 1859
Place of Birth: Saratov Governate
Background: wealthy family
Occupation: student, revolutionary
Arrested: 1882
Sentence: Death sentence, commuted to lifelong hard labour
Incarceration prior to Shlissel’burg: Peter and Paul Fortress (St Petersburg)
Date of transfer to Shlissel’burg (OS): 04/08/1884
Date of transfer (NS): 16/08/1884
Date of release from Shlissel’burg (OS): 23/09/1902
Date of release (NS): 05/10/1902
Transferred to: Akmolinsk (exile)
Activity after release: escaped to France
Date of death: 17/08/1903
Place of death: France
Cause of death: suicide

Writings:Koshmar (stikhotvorenie)’ (A Nightmare’, 1906); ‘Otryvki iz pisem byvshego shlisselʹburzhtsa’ (Extracts from letters of a former Shlissel’burg prisoner, 1906)

Depicted in: Pankratov, Life in Shlissel’burg Fortress; Novorusskii, Tiuremnye Robinzony